Trainings Offered by Total Object

Indiatech Solutions , established to produce top quality computer professionals in accordance with the need of rapidly growing business community in India and abroad and to adopt proper computer culture and information technology. The need of an institution was realized which should totally be committed with quality education and professional approach. To achieve this goal, Indiatech established a Computer Center under the supervision of highly qualified computer professionals, with vast experience in software development, web design and development trainings. At present Indiatech offers the following I.T. courses and Management Internship:

Web Designing & Web Development

In this course, students will learn the basics of designing and developing a web site. We'll take a look at design issues specific to web-based presentations, learn web page layout, effective navigation and delve into the design process. We examine some of the how-to's, in's, out's and pitfalls of using graphics, color and fonts on web pages as well as working with tables and CSS. Some site management techniques are covered, accessibility issues and working with domains and clients discussed.

In Open Source technology, interns learn PHP, MySQL, CMS (Joomla), CSS, Java Script, HTML and AJAX etc. In Microsoft, graduates learn Dot.Net module including core C#.Net, ASP.Net 3.5/4.0, Basic & Advanced ASP.Net, ASP. Net Security, IIS Configuration & Web Services, MySQL Server 2005, Rich Internet Applications Development including AJAX, LINQ, Silver Light, XML.

Software Development

Under Software Development Training, fresh graduates and unemployed software engineers are provided training opportunities at Indiatech Solutions where interns learn advance concepts of cutting edge web development technologies and work on Indiatech Solutions's internal development projects using Open Source and Microsoft technologies.

Web Application Development

Indiatech Solutions is a boutique web application development company focused on changing the way our clients think about the web. Our apps are business-driven, user-focused, and highly innovative. We provide high quality training to provide wings to your dream. Our expert trainers knows what exaclty required to give best comprehension with examples.

Graphic Designing

Have you ever wanted to design a logo, magazine, poster, or even a website? Explore our in-depth collection of design courses to learn these topics, and much more like Photoshop, Flash, Dream weaver, MAYA, Corel Draw etc.

Management Internships

Our Management Internships offer participants the opportunity to work in a professional setting while adding real-world experience to their Resume/CV from a world-renowned IT company.

Juniors, Seniors, Graduate and Post graduate students may use this opportunity to advance theories learned in the classroom while leading cast members from around the world and providing world-class service, Management Internships offer the opportunity to cultivate leadership skills, while being an integral part of our world-class the operations.